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Door Hardware, Equipment & Accessories

Know Who is Outside

In today’s world it is important to know who is on the other side of your door before opening it. And if there is someone out there you don’t want inside, it’s reassuring to know that your door hardware is sufficient to prevent entry.


Residential, Commercial and Handicap Applications

King Security & Locksmithing has a wide inventory of door hardware, equipment and accessories for residential, commercial and handicap applications. Our professional services ensure that your home or business remains inviolate to intruders, burglars and unwanted guests. We sell and install the following items:

  • Commercial Doors
  • Residential Doors
  • Door Jambs
  • Frames
  • Push Plates
  • Peep Holes for Doors
  • Filing Cabinet Locks & Keys
  • Key Cabinets for Key Storage
  • Padlocks- We Sell Padlocks for Luggage, Standard Size & Heavy Duty High Security Padlocks
  • Garage Door Locks
  • Window & Door Bars for Added Security
  • Electric Strikes
  • Other Hardware & Products


Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding a product you are interested in or to schedule a service appointment.



King Security & Locksmithing is pleased to offer the very best locks, safes, hardware and other products from the most trusted and respected manufacturers in the industry. Some of our suppliers include:




• MX HIGH SECURITY LOCKS AND KEYS and LSDA (Locksmith Dealers of America) Locks and    Keys

• Schlage®





Unican push button lock
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