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Kings Security & Locksmithing

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Professional Lock Installation 

Installation, Service and Repair

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home, auto or commercial property is secure when you call the experts at Kings Security & Locksmithing for professional lock and deadbolt installations, service and repairs. We sell and install a variety of locks and deadbolts for your home or office, including Unican push button entrance locks, grip handle entrance sets and lever locks. Some of the brands listed below can be ordered in brass, stainless, brushed nickel, satin and other finishes.


We carry the following brand name locks and deadbolts:

• Weiser – A low security keyway that is commonly used for residential applications.

• Quickset – A low security keyway that is commonly used for residential applications.

• Schlage – Offers low security keyways for residential applications, but also offers the MX series, which

  features a high security patented key and lock system.

• Sargent – A medium security keyway.

• Yale – A medium security keyway.

• LSDA (Locksmith Dealers of America) – A medium security keyway.

• Medeco® – Very high security keyway that features a high security patented key and lock system.




Kings Security & Locksmithing can rekey your locks and deadbolts so that all of the keys to your house or garage are the same and you can open all of your doors with a single key!


Master, Sub-master and Individual Keys

We can set up Master Systems for commercial use and fabricate Master Keys. Keying can be set up in various levels, whether a master key, sub-master key or individual keys. This is a great system for large buildings that have many rooms which need to be accessed by a number of personnel. This gives management more control over multiple locks. For example, a master key would open all doors in a building; sub-masters would open most doors, such as a wing or unit in a building; and of course, an individual key would be given to those whom you would want to have limited access, such as to a specific office or room.


Find out more about your keying options when you contact one of our professional technicians for a personal, on-site consultation.


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